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Generating new sources of
coal based energy in southern Tanzania

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Rukwa Coalfields
Welcome to Edenville Energy PLC
Progressing Tanzania's brownfield Rukwa Coalfields towards a commercial development decision

Rukwa Coalfields - Mkomolo, Namwele and Muze projects - previously mined, near-surface coal deposits

173 million total tonnes in-situ at Mkomolo, Namwele and Muze combined, of which 57.5 million tonnes Measured and Indicated at 17.42 MJ/kg (float density = 2.0, yield = 34.4%)

90% of this resource tonnage lies within Mkomolo and Namwele; Muze still to be fully evaluated

Coal confirmed as suitable, after washing, for coal fired power generation

Robust geological model; resource constrained to discrete coal zones identified within the overall coal measure sequence

Initial independent commercial evaluation of Rukwa coal fields complete Sept 2013 - Rukwa Coal Project Scoping Study Results - Click here to view.


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Latest News

24th August 2016
Appointment of Chairman

15th August 2016
Announcement by Tanzanian Ministry of Energy and Minerals
Notice of General Meeting (on 30th August 2016) - Please click here to view

Chairman's Letter to Shareholders (11th August 2016) - Please click here to view

SMS Geological Modelling and Resource Estimation, Rukwa Coalfields, March 2013 - Please click here to view

Maiden Resource Report, Mkomolo April 2012 - Please click here to view