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Generating new sources of
coal based energy in southern Tanzania
Share Structure  
Total Number of Shares

Total number of shares in issue as of 6 September 2016 is 621,353,005 ordinary shares of 0.02p each.

Major Shareholders

Barclayshare Nominees Limited = 11.58%   Hargreave Lansdown (Nominees) Ltd = 9.21%
HSDL Nominees Limited = 13.03%   TD Direct Investing Nominees (Europe) Ltd = 13.74%
Investor Nominees Ltd = 4.14%   HSBC Client Holdings Nominees (UK) Ltd = 5.41%
JIM Nominees Limited = 4.59%   SVS (Nominees) Ltd = 5.69%
Director's Shareholdings

Rufus Short 2,222,316 ordinary shares of 0.02p
Mark Pryor 2,222,216 ordinary shares of 0.02p


At 6 September 2016, the Company had the following outstanding warrants to subscribe in cash for 0.02p ordinary shares in the company:

Warrant Holder   Date of Issue   No. of Warrants   Subscription Price   Date of Expiry
JIM Nominees Limited   02/03/16   33,333,333   0.80p   01/09/17
JIM Nominees Limited   14/06/16   48,055,556   0.60p   12/06/17


At 6 September 2016, the following share options had been issued and remained outstanding:

Name   Date of Grant   Vesting Date   No. of Options   Exercise Price
Mark Pryor   22/10/13   21/10/14   1,156,054   5p
Rakesh Patel   22/10/13   21/10/14   3,005,741   5p
Sally Schofield   22/10/13   21/10/14   3,005,741   5p
Rufus Short   22/10/13   21/10/14   3,005,741   5p
Shares not in Public Ownership

The total percentage of shares not in public hands is 0.7%, defined as being benificial holdings of shares held by shareholders holding above 10% and the directors holdings.

In accordance with the AIM Rules (Rule 26), in so far as the Company is aware, the percentage of the Company's issued share capital that is not in public hands is 0.01%.