Coal to Power Project

Edenville Energy PLC


Mining Project at an advanced stage.

Construction completed. Mining and washing operations underway. Commercial sales made.

Mining Licence

Mining Licence Granted over Mkomolo – rapid application process took 7 months.

Wash Plant

The wash plant is owned and operated by Edenville – Results in a considerable saving on plant processing costs compared with using a contract washing facility.


Mining Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate granted.

Current Production

The Mine is currently producing up to 4,000t per month of coal for sale and the Company is seeking to increase production up to 10,000t per month in the near term.

Geology Resource Statement

The JORC Compliant Resource Statement.

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Geology Resource Statement

The JORC Compliant Resource Statement completed in 2013 from Independent Consultants SMS outlined 173 Million Tonnes of which 61.5 Million Tonnes are in the Measured Category.

– The resource is drilled out to a depth of 200m at the Mkomolo and Namwele Deposits.

– The coal measures vary between 4 metres in the south to 74m in thickness in the north.

– The coal is ‘bar coded’ within a sequence of black shales, mudstones and clean sandstone, limestone and siltstone units.

– The coal is classified as ‘Grade C’ Bituminous Thermal Coal which varies between 8 and 17MJ insitu.

– At Muze only 5 drillholes have been completed outlining ~10Mtonnes of coal measures.

Historically Muze contains the largest resource with a figure of 60Mtonnes quoted by the Geological Survey in 1943. Further drilling is required to complete the resource evaluation of this deposit.

Deposit Classification Tonnes
Mkomolo Measured 36,958,091
Mkomolo Indicated 93,414,982
Mkomolo Inferred 1,923,817
Namwele Measured 17,158,826
Namwele Indicated 12,763,169
Namwele Inferred
Muze Measured 7,355,248
Muze Indicated 3,442,349
Muze Inferred
Total Measured 61,472,166
Total Indicated 109,620,499
Total Inferred 1,923,817

Rukwa Mining Operations

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Transport and Logistics

The mine is located in a strong position in western Tanzania for transportation and logistics.


Excellent road network north and south of the project. Multiple road access to Zambia going south.


Lake Tanganyika provides barging options to take coal north to NW Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and the DRC.


Access to the rail network via Mpanda. Rail network of Tanzania undergoing major upgrade for both freight and passenger services.

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Power Development

Coal to Power Project

Project Concept Study – Approved

Edenville Project Concept Study already accepted and approved by Tanesco.

MEM Power System Master Plan

Rukwa Power Project is part of the “MEM Power System Master Plan 2016 Update”.

Bankable Feasibility Study

MOU signed with Sinohydro of China who will complete the Bankable Feasibility Study.

Independent Financial Model

Independent Financial Model Developed which supports strong economics of Lahmeyer study – NPV10$252m; +20% IRR.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Power Plant Environmental Impact Assessment Study underway – approx 40% complete.

Updated Mineable Resource Assessment

Updated mineable resource assessment and bulk sampling shows majority of coal can be fed to power plant with only minimal washing treatment required –providing a considerable cost saving on fuel and adding upside to the Feasibility Study.


Coal to Power Project – Overview

Rukwa Coal to Power

The Company’s core asset is the Rukwa Coal to Power Project, located in western Tanzania, ~25km by road to the north-east of the major commercial centre of Sumbawanga.

Rukwa Coalfields

The Rukwa Coalfields are comprised of the Mkomolo, Namwele and Muze deposits – historical small scale mining having taken place.

JORC Resources

Total in-situ JORC Resources across 3 deposits: 173Mt.

– 90% of this resource tonnage lies within Mkomolo and Namwele; Muze still to be fully evaluated – high potential because of a historical 60 million tonne resource.
– Approximately USD12M spent to date by Edenville to develop the asset.
– Edenville Energy plc through its Tanzanian subsidiary Edenville International Tanzania Ltd own a 90% interest in the coal project.

Power Generation

Ideally suited for coal fired power generation.


Edenville Energy plc own 100% of Edenville Power Tanzania Ltd established to develop the power plant.


Power and Country Statistics

Tanzania is facing the dual challenge of under-development of its electricity sector and strong demand growth.

Power and Electricity Overview

1. Tanzania has total installed electricity capacity of around 1,500MW.
2. Presently, only 45% of urban areas are electrified and this falls to below 5% for rural areas.
3. According to McKinsey & Co. around 42% of businesses own generators.
4. With support from the World Bank, Government of Finland, Japan and others, TANESCO is currently constructing 5 new sub-stations.
5. Due to strong economic growth, energy demand is growing at approximately 8% p.a.

Country Statistics

1. Population: .
2. 2014 per capita GDP: US$912.7
3. Literacy: 73 to 76%
4. Real GDP growth estimates: 7.5% (2015), 7.1% (2016)
4. Political system: Unitary presidential democratic republic.
5. Next elections: Oct 2020, every 5 years.